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CDDRC Project Creation

To create a new project go to RedCap CDDRC project creation page and fill out the form. The tables below provide details on each of the fields in the project creation form.


Field Label Description Becomes Mosaic Project Attribute Required
Project Name Key term[s] to describe your project.   Yes
Project Description Long form description used to record and note all necessary and desired aspects of your project.   Yes
Set project privacy level to protected. Set to True if you do not want your project publicly accessible.   No (default: False)
Lab Governing lab PI. Yes Yes
Institution Lab and projects originating from this institution. Yes Yes
Organism Organism under study. See ‘Organism Table’ below. Yes Yes
Organism Name If the above option is ‘Other’, specify the organism here.   Yes*
Reference Genome Organism reference genome See ‘Reference Genome’ Table below Yes Yes
Experiment Type Experiment methodology See ‘Experiment Type Table’ below Yes Yes
Other Experiment Type If the above option is ‘Other’, specify the type here.   Yes*
Experiment Platform Platform used to generate experiment type. See ‘Experiment Platform Table’ below Yes Yes
Other Experiment Platform If the above option is ‘Other’, specify the type here.   Yes*
Sequence Library Protocol Description Allowed additional notes for sequence protocol. Yes No
Sequence Source Where your project specific sequence was generated. Yes No
Genes of Interest A comma separated list of specific genes of interest. Gene Set No
PCR Library Type If any samples underwent PCR amplification Yes No (default: unknown)
Library Kit Kits and reagents for sequencing methods. Yes No
Library Method Library Method used in experiment. Yes No
Capture Specific captured use in data generation. Yes No
Notes Any additional project level notes. Yes No
Submitter First Name First name of person submitting project request. Yes Yes
Submitter Last Name Last name of person submitting project request. Yes Yes
Submitter Email Email of person submitting project request. Yes Yes
Manifest Downloadable Sample Manifest template See ‘Manifest Fields Table’ below   N/A
Manifest Upload Upload section for completed above manifest.   Yes

Organism Selector

Alligator mississippiensis
Anolis carolinensis
Celegans elegans
Gallus gallus
Xenopus tropicalis

Reference Genome Selector

Reference Genome Description
GRCh37 Human build 37
GRCh38 Human build 38
GRCz11 Zebrafish build 11
GRCm39 Mouse build 39
unsupported Other builds unsupported, contact us

Experiment Type Selector

Experiment Type Description
CGH Comparative genomic hybridization is a molecular cytogenetic method for analysing copy number variations (CNVs) relative to ploidy level in the DNA of a test sample compared to a reference sample, without the need for culturing cells.
ChiP-on-chip ChIP-on-chip is a technology that combines chromatin immunoprecipitation (‘ChIP’) with DNA microarray (“chip”).
ChIP-Seq ChIP-sequencing, is a method used to analyze protein interactions with DNA.
Directional mRNA Sequencing  
DNA Methylation Analysis  
Gene Expression  
Genomic DNA Sequencing  
Hi-C Hi-C is a high-throughput genomic and epigenomic technique first described in 2009 by Lieberman-Aiden et al. to capture chromatin conformation.
Mononucleosome sequencing  
Morpholino analysis  
mRNA Sequencing  
single cell RNA-seq  
Small mRNA Sequencing  
Targeted Genomic Resequencing  
Transcriptome sequencing  

Experiment Platform Selector

Experiment Platform
Affymetrix Microarray
Agilent 1-color Microarray
Agilent 2-color Microarray
Functional Gene Analysis
Illumina HiSeq 4000 Sequencing
Ion Torrent

Manifest Fields

Currently available manifest fields.

Manifest Column Name Becomes Mosaic Sample Attribute Required
Sample ID Yes Yes
Individual ID Yes No
Internal ID Yes No
Stage Yes No
Treatment Yes No
Treatment Group Yes No
Gene Name Yes No
Ensembl ID Yes No
Molecule Type Yes No
Sample Volume Yes No
Organ Yes No
Tissue Yes No
Tissue Condition Yes No
Dose Yes No
Genotype/Genetic Modification Yes No
Phenotype Yes No
Expression Group Yes No
Analysis Group Yes No
Replica Number Yes No
Note Yes No