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CDDRC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CDDRC?

The Cardiovascular Development Data Resource Center (CDDRC) is a project funded by the NIH NHLBI to provide an innovative cloud-based platform to facilitate the analysis, visualization and sharing of genomic data from research in heart development in several species. The CDDRC brings together researchers with a diverse range of expertise, with the goal of understanding the causes of congenital heart disease in children.

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a collaborative platform for organizing, visualizing, and understanding genomic data. It is developed by the creators of the IOBIO suite of tools and is provided as a SAS product by Frameshift Genomics

How do I get started using CDDRC Mosaic?

The first step to getting started with Mosaic is to set up an account. Please fill in the form on the CDDRC Mosaic sign-up page. Next check-out the ‘Getting Started’ page in the Mosaic documentation. Finally, you can explore the full set of Mosaic docs at Frameshift Mosaic documentation server.

How do I setup a new project in Mosiac?

To create a new project go to RedCap CDDRC project creation page and fill out the form. The tables below provide details on each of the fields in the project creation form. You can learn more about that form on the on our ‘Project Setup’ documentation page

Dose Mosaic have an API?

Yes, Mosaic offers a robust Web API to be able to make changes to any data which you control to allow better fine grained control to your projects. The Web API allows for you to connect any data pipelines you have to better serve Mosaic as the place to store, visualize, and collaborate with your data. Except where specified, GET requests are the only type of request that are enabled for collections.

To use the Mosaic API you’ll need to reach out and get API keys set up to get started. In the mean time head over and check out the CDDRC Mosaic API documentation to see all the cool things you can do!